Celebrity Shot  

From local to international individuals; Celebrity Shot show cases a number of creatives who have been caught in our apparel.  

Alex DVVBS Aug 6 2017, TORONTO

Alex wears custom made PS x 1of1LAB Hugger Vest for VELD performance

Pressa September 2 2017, Vancouver

Pressa is seen wearing Leaves of Colour Side Bag

Killy Oct 6, 2017, TORONTO

Killy in a interview with NOISEY wearing a 2017 first release leaves of colour red side bag

Tory Lanez July 10 2018, TORONTO

Tory Lanez is seen wearing PS Staff Hoodie

Flip Dinero Sept 4 2018, NYC

DJ Khaled posts Flip wearing PS x 1of1LAB chest rig bag

Zmoney August 8 2019, TORONTO

Zmoney styled in music video wearing PS Above the Influence Hoodie

Zeina February 9 2019, LA

Zeina wears custom PS x 1of1LAB dress for Roc Nation Grammy Brunch 2019

Houdini August 30 2019, BRAMPTON

Houdini styled in 2018 Recommended Dosage Staff Tracksuit for concert

Wondagurl Sept 11 2019, PARIS

Wondagurl wears PS Take Shelter Knit in a Red Bull feature

LB Spiffy January 6 2020, TORONTO

LB Spiffy styled in “Jimmy Choo” music video in full PS x 1of1 LAB

Unimerce Dec 4 2019, TORONTO

Unimerce styled by Banks in PS x 1of1 LAB for photoshoot

Wheezyx5 Oct 9 2019, TORONTO

Wheezy is seen wearing PS Take Shelter Knit

Jayda April 6 2020, Chicago

Jayda seen wearing PS Circuit Stockings

Roy Wood$ June 19th, 2020 TORONTO

Roy Wood$ styled in PS x 1of1LAB for “What We Did” music video

Brandon Finessin, Philadelphia

Brandon seen wearing PS Take Shelter Knit