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As a brand, we don’t only want to offer our customers quality pieces, but we also want to create a safe space for them to be able to explore their own creativity. At the core, we stand for individuality, and living a life that is authentic to you. 1 of 1 Labs was created to be a space where we could bridge the gap between the brand and the people that support it. 1 of 1 Labs is a unique experience that we’ve designed with our “patients” in mind. It is the place that we test all of our new products to ensure that they are up to standard before “prescribing” them to our patients. It is where we engage with our audience and give them the opportunity to tell us what they want to see.

At Prescribed Shelter, we are not here to limit your ideas, but to help you elevate them and make them a reality. We want to continue to push boundaries, and to create spaces where creatives can be be just that — creative. In our lab experimentation is encouraged. All of your ideas matter to us, as much as they matter to you.In the lab you’ll find 1of1 art pieces and customized designs from Lead designerLone, as well as other creatives.